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Chicago flight addition! Now flying to Chicago on Wednesday.

VIP Travel For The Cost Of Commercial

1 (800) 437-3931

How to Book a Flight?

For immediate assistance to book a flight, call us between 8am-5pm EST | M-F. Please see the Flight Information pages for the time and details of the 3 cities we service. We are in the process of building an online booking system, however for now please see the below 2 options.  Please make sure you check each of the times and days of travel on the “Flight Information” page.  Thank You!

Existing Customers

Use this feature to send your information for a BOOKING REQUEST.  We will contact you to secure your payment and requested travel dates.

You ARE NOT confirmed on any flights until you either speak directly with one of our booking agents, or you receive an email itinerary. To book immediately, please use the option to the right.

Call 1 (800) 437-3931

Immediate Booking

Use this feature to BOOK NOW or CHECK FLIGHT AVAILABILITY. Please remember– when you check dates, we do not fly Weekend Days.

You will be directed to our online reservation system. After you book and pay for your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation.

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These charter flights are subject to Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations. Please go to our F.A.Q. for more information on public charter flights.